Football fans to return to stadiums from mid-September in Germany

Germany’s top football clubs have agreed on the Deutsche Fußball Liga‘s (DFL) plan to allow fans to attend matches from mid-September.

The Bundesliga — the German football national championship — is set to resume on September 18.

DFL president Christian Seifert stressed however that it is not up to the league to decide “when and how many supporters will be allowed”.

“We do not expect nor demand anything, but we are getting ready,” he said during a press conference.

“Germany’s current priority is not to fill stadiums but to protect people’s health,” he added.

The 36 professional clubs envisage banning standing places and alcohol sales until October.

Supporters would not be able to attend away matches until the end of the year.

People would have to submit to data collecting in order to track the surge in COVID-19 following the events.

The plan still needs to be backed by local authorities. Health ministers are to meet next Monday to discuss the issue.

“Professional football can only return to normal step by step,” warned Seifert.

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