Cramer’s lightning round: I prefer Tesla to Ford

Textron: “It’s always cheap. It’s been cheap [since] when I recommended it in 1984 at Goldman Sachs. So. It’s cheap, and it’s all I have to say.”

Medifast: “I like your idea. I would not have liked it pre-pandemic, though.”

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals: “Gene silencing. You know, when you hear what Moderna’s doing, there are many ways to skin the unfortunate cat and I like your stock, but it is speculative as you mentioned, but, remember, we never want to leave gains on the table. We catch a double, we sell half of it and we play with the house’s money.”

Ford Motor: “No. The answer is no. It was a different Ford then … this Ford I just feel like is I don’t know. I mean, it kind of just flatlines and I’m not in favor of the flatlining stocks. I like growth. I prefer” Tesla.

Sony: “I like Sony. It’s very cheap and very good and got good growth. 

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