Cramer’s lightning round: How to trade Delta Air Lines

Dycom Industries: “I like it … but the group has been brought down by a couple poor performers, particularly Fluor. I say stick with Dycom.”

Nucor Corp.: “It’s the best house in an incredibly bad neighborhood. Steel is something you’re supposed to sell when we’re going into recession …. I would not sell it here.”

Emerson Electrical: “Emerson is going to have a not-as-great quarter as I would like because they have a lot of oil and gas, and they also have a lot of China [exposure]. I don’t want you to sell Emerson. It is a great American company.”

Diamondback Energy: “Diamondback Energy, along with EOG, Parsley EnergyPioneer, Chevron — they are all well run enough to be able to survive this basically nuclear war against oil and gas, but, that said, I hate those stocks.”

Delta Air Lines: “It’s going to be a trade. If we do get further good news, in terms of the remdesivir [coronavirus treatment], people are going to buy the airlines stock, then I want you to flip them, okay, because we don’t know how good they really are going to be.

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