Cramer’s lightning round: Peloton is the ‘ultimate stay-at-home stock’

Peloton: “I think Peloton is very interesting. I’ll tell you why: ’cause it is the ultimate stay-at-home stock to stay home and work out. I don’t know if we have a real bad recession people will still buy it, but at least it does have a good thesis.”

Solaredge Technology: “Solaredge is pretty dangerous, I think, but you made it. Don’t go back to the same one. Uber, we’ve got to have a better balance sheet, but I support that deal long term.”

Nucor: “Nucor got upgraded today. It was a very thoughtful upgrade. … It yields 4.4%. If it yields 5%, I like it, but remember: we are going into a serious recession where a lot of things aren’t going to get built.”

Planet Fitness: “Before the [pandemic], it was one of my favorite stocks, but now we’ve got to see the curve be bent and we’ve got to see the physical distance. We’ve got to see all these things that are real bad for business. So I prefer to wait now and see what happens.”

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