Cramer’s lightning round: ‘You do want to buy defense stocks right here’

Vail Resorts: I’m going to have to take a pass on that one because I do think that that is still regarded as being a place where people could get sick. Let’s just put it that way. Maybe it’s not true, but that’s what I understand.”

General Dynamics: “You do want to buy defense stocks right here, right now, but I would prefer you to be in L3Harriss, which has come all the way down from $230 to $181.”

Henry Schein: “Stock is still too high. … I’m going to say no.”

Tilray: “No.”

Casesars Entertainment: “No.”

Omnicon Group: Omnicon is going to end up being the winner in this group. A lot of other companies aren’t even going to make it. So, I think that this is one of those last-man-standing situations that I really, really like.”

HP: “I would not touch Xerox. I do like HPQ because they have a good business, getting better, typically because so many pepole are doing things remotely and remotely means you need HPQ.”

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